Monthly Archives: January 2016




Well, it’s only been 5 months since my last blog post! Ha! So much to talk about, but I’ll keep this one brief.

As you can see, our family has been added to by 2 new fur babies. Dobby, the brown chihuahua, came to us in October, and Maxx, the white chiweenie a month later. They are both rescues from death row, and have brought more joy to the casita. They keep Kimm and me on our toes, and bring us so much love. Just when I think I have no more to give, I find an endless well full of love and compassion. We adore them and they seem very happy with their family.

As for me, I have been up and down. Had to raise the dose of my antipsychotic, loxapine, twice, and had to lower my bupropion because my insurance wouldn’t pay for the dose I was taking. So I got depressed as well as paranoid. Just saw my psychiatrist yesterday and she found a way to raise my bupropion that my insurance will cover, so hopefully I will be much better soon. The extra loxapine makes my tremors a lot worse, but the paranoia is gone so it’s a fair trade. At least that’s how I feel.

Kimm and I still freelance write, but work has been slow and we have been very tight financially.But just this week we launched a new business – auntie kimm Bakes Chloe’s Doggy Delights. We are going to run with Kimm’s recipes for dog biscuits and sell them. When my Social Security and SSI come, we will buy Kimmie some dog bone shaped cookie molds and begin the process.Right now we are taking private orders, but we hope to be in stores as well. We are excited! And we are giving a portion of our proceeds to help animal rescue teams in New Mexico. Like the one from whom we got Dobby and Maxx.

I have also been having some physical issues that I hope to get resolved soon. Breathing issues and leg and hip issues. I am getting an MRI on my spine next Saturday and a CT scan on my lungs the following Monday. A bit nervous about both – especially the MRI.

Thus begins our 2016. I hope to have enough gas money to get back into therapy and money to take Chloe to the vet and groomer when she needs it. And I want to deal with my teeth, which are falling out one by one. I want a cash flow that makes life a little easier for us. And I hope my “episodes” become next to none. They are very enervating. And I have been way too tired lately.