#Alice and Gratitude


gratitudeToday I woke up three times before actually getting out of bed. I had what I call “second sleeps”, when you peacefully doze after the first wake-up. And each second sleep was sweeter than the one before it. I had my Chlo with me, and everything was as it should be. Later, after breakfast, I meditated, and was overcome with tears of Gratitude. In fact, my entire meditation was a prayer of Gratitude.

I am in the best place emotionally than I have ever been. My environment is magical and full of beauty. My work is steady. We have food in the fridge, and money in the bank. My birthday is in 2 days and I am eager for the next year. 67 is a four year, and 4 is my path number. As I approach 70, a big deal, I get more and more excited, because I am realizing my dreams, and age doesn’t matter. In fact, I am living proof that life is full of second chances and I have had many, thank you very much. This is about my fourth one I think. And it is the best one yet. And I do NOT regret that it is coming in my “elder” years. I couldn’t have done what I am doing now at any other time in my life. I am so grateful that I am mentally in a space where I can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. And I am sharing this time with my soul sister, which makes it even more special, and our relationship is full of joy.

I love this feeling – Gratitude. It permeates every cell in my body and fills me up to beyond my physical body. I FEEL so much more than my physical self. I am expansive and expanded, and I touch the sky as I soar. And I can take you with me. I can’t give you this feeling, for it comes from deep within. But by sharing it in this way, I can take you with me. By sharing it with you, you can rest in the knowing that it is possible for you too. Deepak Chopra always talks about “limitless possibilities”, and I am living proof of them.

Gratitude is something that you must nurture, and I am doing my best. And if you look – some of you may have to look hard – there is something that you can be grateful for. There always is. That is the beauty of Gratitude. It exists. Our job, as human beings, is to recognize it when it appears. Today I am there. And I am so grateful.


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