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Alice, and Here We Are


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The change that I have talked about so much has happened. And it happened quite abruptly and without preparation. So I am in a new city, in New Mexico, with my best friend and business partner, Kim, and we are trying to build a new life. At my age, I find the courage it took to make this change pretty amazing. I think in some ways it hasn’t all hit me that we spent 2 days and nights in my little Ford Focus, with 3 animals in tow, and the car stuffed with everything we could pack into it. I left a lot of stuff behind that I cherish, especially books and cd’s, but in the scheme of things they seem insignificant compared to the need to go.

Interestingly to me, my illness has not been a concern during this entire relocation. I have my medications, certainly, and am faithful about taking them when I should. But what could have been too stressful for me, hasn’t been in the least. I think I have adjusted amazingly well to this complete change of lifestyle.

We are living on a horse ranch in the mountains just north of Santa Fe, and it is glorious! We have no TV and have not missed it at all thanks to technology and Hulu and Netflix. The family we are renting from who own all this property, have been welcoming and generous. The animals are settling in nicely and we are beginning to develop a rhythm to our days. There are no real amenities in the town we are in so we have to drive 20 miles north to do laundry and buy food, etc. But it is all seeming to come quite naturally to us. Outside our front door are the mountains and the horses and at night there are more stars than I have ever seen. It is surely a feast for the soul on so many levels.

When I started ajdowntherabbithole, I intended to talk about what it is like to live with a mental illness, but it seems there is less of that and more just about life in general. In many ways , I haven’t been down the rabbit hole in a bad way, in a very long time. This, it seems to me, is a testament to my strength, and also to the “rightness” of my chosen path. The Universe has ways of putting obstacles in your way when your journey is headed in the wrong direction, and so far, the obstacles have been almost non-existent. We are here, just where we wanted to be, and so it begins for us. At the ripe age of 66 I am changing the course of my life, creating new goals and dreams, and walking steadily toward them. It all feels right. And so it is.