Today I met my new Primary Care Physician. I left my last one because at my last visit she preached Jesus to me and told me if I didn’t believe he was the messiah I would go to hell. She also told me she prayed for the Jews-my people. She never examined me or asked why I was there. The “sermon” went on for almost 20 minutes and I was so stunned all I could say to her was that I am very comfortable with my beliefs. I left there in a daze and changed primaries that day. It was a shot in the dark as I am on medicare but I chose someone and today I met her.

Her name is almost Dr. Archangel and she is a sweetie. And she got on me about my weight, which was wholly appropriate and very timely as I have struggled with obesity for the last several years. She spent at least 20 minutes with me, perhaps more than that, and was very thorough. She even expressed sorrow at my broken ankle from 3 years ago. Very sympathetic. I liked her and feel good about my choice.

I have to say, however, that I don’t really think much of the medical profession. They are very ignorant of alternative modalities and more in the business of keeping you sick than preventive medicine. Not that they are all evil and I think if you are you ill should go to the doctor. But finding someone who takes time and seems to care, like Dr. Archangel, is a matter of trial and error and you shouldn’t be afraid of “auditioning” your doctor and making changes if you don’t feel in sync with him/her. I admit that, for the most part, I have been lucky with my doctors. The Universe appears to be looking out for me. But I have had first-hand accounts of horror stories from close friends and so I know I am not the rule but the exception.

Dr. Archangel wants me to exercise every day and lose at least a pound between our visits. Aaaaaaargh! I have been carrying around this bulk for so long it is almost like armour and there is a part of me that is afraid to lose it. But the time is now and now is the time, and with all the changes I am making in my life, this one seems like a necessary compliment. If I really want to be free, I have to go for broke. So today I rode the stationary bike and lifted weights. I broke a sweat for the first time in a long time. I’m on a new path and this is all part of my journey now. It was once long ago, so I shouldn’t feel strange about it. But I do. Armour becomes familiar and comforting. I’m scared. But…off I go!


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