I have more medications in my medicine cabinet than are on the shelves at Walgreens. Okay, not true, but I do take a lot of crap. I call it crap, but much of it has saved my life. My psychiatric meds have kept me from killing myself in anguish and given me a productive existence. I am able to laugh and love and live.  But to do that I have to take two anti-depressants, an anti-psychotic, and an anti-anxiety medication. My medical medications lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, make up for a malfunctioning thyroid, and keep my angina attacks at bay. Yes, I have some side-effects here and there, but for me they are a good trade-off.  I realize there is a school of thought out there that believes  any medication is the work of Satan and to be avoided, but if that’s true I can honestly say I will happily go to hell. Yes, I detest the pharmaceutical companies as much as any consumer rights activist. I think they are in the business of keeping people unhealthy so they can continue to make gobs of money. However, so is our entire approach to healthcare in this country. Keeping people sick is big business. That’s why the US may never have universal health care like the rest of the first world countries do.

Doubtless  if I had been more conscientious earlier on, I would probably not be taking as many meds as I do. But much of what ails me is genetic, including my mental illness, and might have happened no matter how well I took care of myself. Of course I’ll never know for sure. My current state of health is what it is and I deal with it. I know I could do better-like exercising more often and consistently and eating more vegetables. And perhaps I will soon. I feel a big change coming and maybe that will be part of it. But for now, I count myself among the fortunate that I do have medications that help me and that I have insurance  that allows me to get it cheaply. Maybe one day I will be medication free. And maybe not.


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